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I took a break from my blog to focus on finishing a manuscript that's been dying to travel from my own internal hard drive and out into my computer's. I just sent a proposal to a literary agent and now hold the wonderful feeling of "hopecitement" that some new adventure might come of it. It makes me realize that my most dynamic phases in life are when I've put myself in a position to dream big. Sure, many of them fizzled out, but once I accepted the fact that not every scheme I had would turn out, I discovered that the periods of exciting possibilities outweigh any of the letdown.

I'm hoping you might put yourself out there in a way that brings you some "hopecitement." What can you start working on today that might make you more excited to get out of bed tomorrow morning? It may feel like a selfish pursuit at first, but the payoff comes not only for you but also your family and friends who get to spend time with a more dynamic version of you. Do them and yourself a favor by taking that first step... TODAY.

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Hi Shana,

Your "Hopecitement" is dynamic and contagious!

My best wishes to you with your proposal, and thank you for keeping us UP. :-:-)



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Thank you

Thanks so much, Catherine! And right back at you on the keeping people up!

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Best wishes for 2012.

Hope the proposal becomes a reality for you in the new year.