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Strike three... Schlumberger!!!

He used to think he was such a hit

Showing off here, glittering there a bit

Blinded by the vain blanket he knit

Challenging right, making nonsense fit


Little did he know he would get thrashed

His plane of fortune will soon be crashed

No more leverage you get out-lashed

Poor lad had his final check too cashed


And when he was put under pressure and a little bit of stress

He just snapped out like paper out of the press

No one for him to console no body to caress

Out-done, out-witted, checkmate in his game of chess!


Was it time to moan and cry out loud? asked his heart

Because the end was still far, he riding his life cart

With shops of opportunity and chains of "chance-mart"

It was time to revoke and revise, let the game restart


Schlumberger interview going wrong was a sign

That he was still flawed, his character not sublime

Discipline needed and boundary conditions to define

Wants to be a professional hit, slash the bat incline!