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Burlington, New Jersey
Mar 2008

   Biography Poetess Sha Rene' was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and is a true 60's child. Sha Rene' grew up in Hillside New Jersey and there became a student in her grammar school who stood on stage at 10 years old and knew that was the only place she wanted to be. After designing her own clothing line on famous 7th Avenue in her twenties and while attending FIT, she started going to the music recording studios at night to record her music. Sometimes at work in a NYC sweat shop standing on her feet all day cutting patterns, she would use the dotted line patterned paper to jot down a poem and sometimes turn it into a song. Sha Rene' while writing her poetry continued to write lyrics and songs in the early 80's landed her music on WBLS and Kiss FM in NY with a 12" single hit, "I'm Good for You". It was 1986 when Sha opened her own record label, Black Wall Records and she was able to have her music play in New York, London, France and around the world. After a hearing her 12" dance record a local independent record label Requestline Records signed her to write and sing a "House Music" 12" single, entitled, "Love Affair"  in 1988. This record also played around the world. Sha Rene' has a collection of over 250 songs. Seeing her picture in Billboard Magazine and seeing her name in Variety's famous, Long Play Shorts on the same page as Elton John's name was an accomplishment!  While taking her musical talents to the streets of NY, she continued her writing of lyrics and poetry. Her first poem she wrote as a child will be in her next poetry book release, "Thoughts of Mine".   This book, "Words Can Explain" is her first book of published poetry that she will perform in local and international venues. Sha Rene' writes from her very own African American woman's experience and hopes to spread enlightenment for other Black Women around the world. Sha Rene' writes for spoken words. Sha Rene' writes for performance. Sha Rene' writes for you to read and listen to the words!  Good to Know Sha Rene' is an avid opera Fan. Whether Mozart or Verdi or Chopin or Donizetti, you can find Sha at the Metropolitan Opera House listening to the best of the best. Sha wants to one day meet James Levine! Sha Rene' loves to sit at home playing her piano,  a Charles Walters, white wash, Queen Anne.  Sha will sing for a crowd anytime. She is currently working on incorporating her music with her poetry to create Poetry for a musical stage play and working on a CD of her newfound spiritual chants. She is a part of the Yoga community!Sha Rene' is a creative artist. She sketches, designs clothing, designs handmade jewelry and paints abstract art.   


“Words Can Explain”  author -  Sha Rene’ – publisher authorHouse(Hardcover) ISBN# 978-1-4343-4762, (Soft cover) IBN# 978-4343-4861-9,(EBook) ISBN# 978-14343-5441-9Published: December 10, 2007 Music“I’m Good For You” – 12” Dance / Disco record on label – Black Wall Records - BW01  

Released: 1986 – Sha Rene’ – singer/songwriter/producer

 “Love Affair” - 12” R&B House record on label - Requestline Records - RR104  Released: 1988 – Sha Rene’ – singer/songwriterFan Club  ShaReneFanClub@aol.com

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