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Journals of to here and back

A voyage of total reality which is

not harmful in any way shape or form

A conceptualization of being beyond God

A door to open in and out at will

But what is beyond God and why is it

conceived as beyond our understanding

Oh great mystery -- who says you exist

I say no -- no mystery -- as man

becomes more and more of God then he

is God and then what

I must have complete total dominion over

all creation and I will to do -- I have

I believe I am limited by G's

desire (as taught) to be unknown in totality

This limits G's ability to fully know G

I am reaching the edge of my G secret and

will break through -- it is inevitable as I

strive for more and attain it

I believe in instant gratification and instant

this and instant that instant karma

G has no right to keep these secrets from me

and G doesn't -- man does -- I therefore transcend

man I don't want to be led by improper

words either -- new words are used

when needed. Not a door

So if beyond G is more than knowable all is

known and demonstrable to go beyond

To go beyond G I must know all of G

Without machinery


What do you mean beyond God

Where did you get an idea like that


Yaway, not oivay, Yaway


What could possibly be beyond God

Keep your feet on the ground while working this one out


But if you go beyond God who do you pray

to what do you pray to and is it




If G is titled as infinite and unlimited

then the very nature of the wording puts a

subtle form of ending to it


©SFKaufman  modified 7/21/2011