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What a sheer delight it is for me to share with our readers a closer, more personal look at the teachings of Stephen F. Kaufman. He has been one of our most popular contributors to Kinetics Magazine. For over fifty years, Stephen F. Kaufman has been on a spiritual journey in search of truth. As the result, he is most revered in the world of martial arts as a Hanshi, 10th Dan, and highly acclaimed in the literary world as the author of 37 books. Our focus, in this enlightening interview, is Stephen’s incomparable work, Self-Revealization Acceptance: Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. I strongly urge everyone reading to gift yourself with a copy of this book. It is concise, yet tremendously powerful. Stephen teaches a very simple, and easy to learn method for self-reliance, and the ability to create exactly what you want in life. In short, he is offering the key to revealing your personal reality through the attainment of higher levels of consciousness. Stephen F. Kaufman is a spiritual master, who after a lifetime of  study and self-revealization, is offering the world the  Absolute Key to the Universe!


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Kinetics Magazine - Nov/Dec Issue
Kathryn Peters-Brinkley