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This Week's Self-Revealization Acceptance


IT is Whole and Complete

I understand my self and my relationship to the entire order of the cosmos. I take it upon myself to learn more about the manner in which I must conduct my thinking to bring into my experience all that I truly desire, to live my life by my Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom and constantly thank the Creative Power of the universe for the ability to do this. Knowing that all of my needs are immediately at my disposal, I can readily see that all is complete and all is whole and that I need only accept these things into my life as a physical, mental, and spiritual reality right here and right now. I continue to get better at this because I define to exactness. This has to do with my health, which I see as radiant, robust, and filled with energy. My finances always stay ahead of my spending while I deny myself nothing. My creative expressions are constantly developing to new levels of performance. And, my purity of relationships are more intense and pleasurable than ever before. When times and events occur that do not seem to be in order in my life, I create a Self-Revealization Acceptance on the spot to eradicate any anomalies and replace them with wholeness of acceptance based on renewed clarity of thought and clarity of purpose. IT, as whole and complete, being the all of everything, functions in me, as me, and through me based on my acceptance of self-acceptance of my personal authority from the Creative Power of the universe to manifest all of my desires in perfection based on the insistence of a thing so named. By my personal authority and the power of my word, The Spirit of the Thing Itself releases any and all limitation, lack and loss enabling me to replace these negative conditions with new life-enhancing ideas that permit me to accept and express limitlessness, lotsness, and lavishness in my life in all forms of my desires. In wholeness and completeness, I live my life to the fullest knowing that all I desire is already in place in the universe and by my simple acceptance of my good bounty in fullness I move forward in renewed perfection. For the ability to understand and to accept that all things are whole and complete, I give total and unconditional thanks to the Creative Power of the universe knowing that as I continue to think in terms of my own perfection I will ascend to higher levels of consciousness that will free me from my own self-imposed restrictions.

(c)SFKaufman 2008

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