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This Week's Self-Revealization Acceptance

 My House Is In Order

As I look around my house and make a conscious effort to keep things neat and orderly, I eliminate unnecessary frustration or slovenliness. In the same way I maintain my body in a strong and healthy condition enabling myself to function without dysfunction. My relationships are mature and work in me, as me, and through me, for the benefit of all concerned, with myself as the primary recipient of good. I am aware of all that I involve myself with and I keep my own counsel. I focus on matters that concern the decisions that emanate from my consciousness. When it is necessary for me to develop approaches that I may be unaware of I use the authority of the Spirit of the Thing Itself so named. I do not permit confusion to enter into my life based on the ideas of others who may be sincere in their input but may inadvertently be reinforcing their own needs about my convictions thereby sapping my strength causing me to focus on their needs instead of my own. I know that when I am able to deal with any matters concerning myself I will have no problem in giving of myself for the benefit of others. With this ever self-enhancing attitude I can give fully of myself without fear of being hurt. When I consider the possibility of outside influences entering into my endeavor I weigh them carefully without making a full commitment until I am fully aware of the individual value of each new idea. I constantly work with my Self-Revealization Acceptance techniques to further my own ability to increase my Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom and knowing that my house is in order. I also realize that my efforts and energies, fueled by the Creative Power of the universe unceasingly become of a higher and higher quality and is awarded further credence by the fact that I have totally devoted myself to the sincerest accomplishment I can attain. I accept the power of the words that I use in my Self-Revealization Acceptance and continue to develop the skills I need to further live my life with clarity of purpose, clarity of thought, and fullness of acceptance. I continue to redefine my intentions and my goals. I continue to give complete and utter thanks, in true humility, to the Creative Power of the universe and for this I prosper.

(c)SFKaufman 2008