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Self-Revealization Acceptance Example

As promised, I am going to present an example of a Self-Revealization Acceptance.   Any of the ideas presented in my example can be structured for your own desires. 


My ablility to create all that I want to experience in my life is endless.  I have complete control over the direction I move in and I acknowledge that although things may not be precisely what I want them to be I will continue to redefine my desires until I have what I want.  This involves all aspects of my life:  health, finances, creative expression, and emotional sobriety with substance.  By continuing to work with Self-Revealization Acceptance, I learn that the more I focus on my desire the easier it becomes for me to change the specifics of what I am tring to accomplish and to increase the clarity and fullness of purpose of my own thinking.  I come to understand that what it is that I might think I want may not necessarily be what my true direction should be and I am therefore able and willing to accept change and newness based on the opportunities that present themselves.  Those who express manipulative grace and negative sentiment in my life for themselves through me are negated of authority.  The Spirit of the Thing Itself guides me accordingly and I permit myself to accept the direction it reveals.  Whatever it is that I desire to know and experience gives me great pleasure to live my life by my Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom.  I am pleased with my ablility to move in the directioin I want to go and I am constantly giving my thankfulness and appreciation to the guiding power of the universe.

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