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Self-Revealization Acceptance - 52 Weekly Ascensions


Week 12

My Anger Subsides


I realize that in my everyday life I must deal with many forms of external interference and discord. To live my life by my divine right to live in joy and freedom, I come to understand the need to maintain a complete and steadfast focus on my desires without any form of anger or rage that may suddenly pop into my consciousness without invitation. Should it occur, I instantly affect a powerful self-revealization acceptance that is immediately acted on by the Spirit of the Thing Itself to relieve me of any stress, anxiety, or frustration. Continued acceptance of the power and authority of my own word conditions my mind to immediately shut down any interference in the form of anger or outburst. My anger is quelled from within, and by the authority of my word, I see the reality of the situation as meaningless while instantly gaining self-control, and I am no longer harassed by any aspect of lack, loss, or limitation in the acquisition of my own fulfillment. Having no need for anger or emotional drama, I am able to maintain harmony in my health, finances, relationships, and creativity, while being at peace and in harmony with all things. Knowing that conflict is essential to growth, I do not permit my desires to become emotional fantasies that can keep me from attaining my goals. Should something not be right for me, I immediately correct the situation through clarity of thinking and acceptance of renewed clarity of purpose. At the moment I sense any intrusion into my desire for a harmonious relationship, I step back, and if necessary, shut down any erroneous ideas, listening for new input that will be of great help to me in my endeavors. With feelings of self-confidence that I am in control of my destiny, I give thanks to the Creative Power of the Universe for the authority I give myself to maintain my composure and poise regardless of circumstance.

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