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Say It, Don't Pray It!
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        The difference between praying for something and saying for something is that you speak to your inner self with a more convincing tone for the acceptance of your desire. When you say it, you take full responsibility for the outcome to manifest. Using the words I AM, I HAVE, and I WILL HAVE enable your conviction and belief to grow each time you repeat a particular Self-Revealization Acceptance as a truth in your life. This is not the same as prayer. When approaching new areas of interest, they should be clearly defined. Acknowledge and say that what you want is what you want. When difficulties arise in defining your desire, do not try to figure out the reasons. Instead of wracking your brain and trying to force the issue, accept with understanding, wholeness and completeness, and clarity of thought needed for the intended purpose. Know that the answer will reveal itself with equivalent or better clarity in the right time and place which should be thought of in the now.

        A method to use, with tremendous effectiveness, is talking into a mirror. Tell yourself that whatever you say into the mirror is going to be self-enhancing and positive. Includes the words, “what I say 'is' absolutely 'is' manifested in my life right here and now in tangible form.” It is a good idea to keep a list of your desires pasted on the mirror where they can be a constant reminder. Each time you look into the mirror, read the list and accept your demands. The desire for certain things to occur is then constantly renewed by, and with joyful anticipation, intelligent planning, and acceptance of greater good into your life.

        The simplicity of Self-Revealization Acceptance is amazing but do not be surprised that there will be times when you forget to use it and struggle to attain your ends without proper discrimination of thought. Nonetheless, the more you use the technique, the more automatic it becomes until eventually it becomes an aspect of your personality. Enhance your life by not praying for it, but rather saying for it!

 Excerpts from Self-Revealization Acceptance – Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom 

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