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Publish or Perish? Some Insights into Self-Publishing

I had enjoyed great success with the publication of my work via traditonal publishing channels.  Two of my books; Musashi's Book of Five Rings and Sun Tzu's Art of War, are still racking up terrific sales worldwide in multiple languages.  After numerous requests from participants at my speaking engagements, I was often asked if I could and would create a work that would synthesize the teachings of Musashi and Sun Tzu with my own commentaries.  And so was born, Sword in the Boardroom - Winning for the Benefit of all Concerned...

BUT...something went askew when management at my traditional publisher changed and the firm's philosophy changed as well.  I was in a quandary to get additional titles published.  I approached various competitive publishers and they all had one reason and another for not publishing my work.  I then made a most adventurous and fateful decision - I would self-publish.

I created Hanshi Warrior Press and without knowing too much about what I was doing, I launched myself into the 'business' of publishing, took on the challenge of learning the 'business' and technical issues, and haven't looked back since.  Sure, there are many pitfalls and frustrations, such as distribution problems, being taken seriously by so-called experts in the field, self-promotion, etc., but you know what?  I am more focused and have a wider audience AND I continue to get more and more speaking engagements.  What's even better is that I control the destiny of my own work.

I have since published a total of five works including some where I have retained the rights back from the original publishers.  I am also celebrating the pending release of Portraits of the Living Tao done in conjunction with author/photographer Peggy Thompson, my collaborator on the project.  It is a wonderful collection of her nature photos combined with words from my book, The Living Tao.  Coming soon is Zen Fairy Tales - for children of all age.  I am also preparing for press, the second book in the Hanshi David Mann series, The Hanshi in Brussels.

Worthy Shorts Press is about to release The Wit and Wisdom of an American Hanshi.  It is a sampler of all many of my writings to date.

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The Right Way

It sounds like you have found the Right Way. Best of luck in your future explorations.