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Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance - 52 Weekly Ascensions

It has been suggested that I post my Self-Revealization Acceptance Weekly Ascensions chronologically to follow the weeks of the new year. For now on I will post the week number along with the title. This makes more sense as this is the formatting in my soon to be published book. For those following, I trust the Weekly Ascensions are of value to you.


Week 7

I Appreciate All of My Gifts

I acknowledge all of the wonderful gifts and treasures to enjoy in my life, both those I receive and those I give. I am grateful for the ability to appreciate my wonderful bounty knowing and believing that all things in my life function according to my desires. I continue to take the time to think in terms of my desires that keep me focused on their spiritual and material manifestation. Should something be amiss for whatever reason and not be experienced according to my liking, I take it upon myself to further redefine my goals, thereby negating any aspect of frustration, confusion, or delay. I concentrate with more intensity by demanding from myself the correct manner in which to get things done knowing that the Spirit of the Thing Itself brings about all that I desire without hesitation and will also keep me from interfering with myself according to my desire. The power of my self-revealization acceptance is such that I am constantly able to see my desires unfolding before me in perfect form and without hesitation or delay. Because of this innate ability that I intuitively develop, I am constantly aware of the great gifts that come into my life. These gifts are my desire to know myself in them, through them, and as them without any form of limitation and to accept them with ease and grace. Secure in my understanding and knowing of myself, what I want to experience is immediately made whole and complete in my life right here and right now. By my divine right to live in joy and freedom, I will not accept anything less than the perfection I desire to experience. This ideal of perfection is expressed through exceptional health, secure finances, enhanced creativity, deserved recognition, and life-enhancing relationships. By means of this self-revealization acceptance, and the authority of the words I use, I am kept whole and complete in perfect mind and body. I continuously acknowledge the Intelligence of the universe that permits me to develop more faith OF It in me, as me, and through me. For the wisdom to accept and appreciate this special gift from the Creative Power of the Universe, I am ever grateful, and more than ever I move ahead with true understanding of my specialness.


©SFKaufman 2011

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