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Playing the Social Media Game

I have been blogging for some time now and I have certainly increased my exposure. But that is essentially based on my previous "history" and name recognition before the internet began to clog everyone's brain synapses. So, to stay in touch via social media, I reach out to the entire world and periodically get a response. On the other hand, I have yet to see any significant increase in my direct book sales. When I respond in turn to other blogs that may have relevance, I have no idea about who is reading or what is being accomplished. The same complaint emanates from most of the people I work with, or interact with, or maintain social media horseshit with. (There is a difference between horseshit and bullshit.) http://babelhut.com/languages/english/the-difference-between-horseshit-and-bullshit

It seems that we are all being led down the path by self ordained marketing gurus and alleged internet moguls, and of course, those Global Marketing Experts who promote their fantasies of huge website exposure for a price. Not to overlook those pundits who probably could not write a three paragraph essay on tying shoelaces, much less a major work. With all the “hit” statistics, there is still hardly anything going on. Where the hell are my increased book sales? We are inundated with the need to use tags, keywords, whatever, and on top of that, Google Analytics provides vast amounts of meaningless data and Amazon continues to give rating numbers to titles. Oh, and don't forget the New York Times Book Review that espouses every writer as a “major international best-selling author” based on the advertising space they pay for.

But, there is the chance that every so often a "connection" will be made with someone of "value." If more people would spend their time doing something of importance for humanity instead of telling everyone how to do their jobs, then the enormous amount of crap being disseminated would simply dissolve itself and works of merit would promulgate their own reality.