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New Release From Hanshi Warrior Press

Hanshi Warrior Press announces the release of Book Two in the Hanshi David Mann action/adventure series entitled The Hanshi in Brussels. 

NATO headquarters in Brussels is blown up by unknown terrorists who demand an exorbitant amount of money from the Allies. If their demand is not met within 72 hours, they will start to kill world leaders in alphabetical order. Bruno Falesco, head of Interpol, needing fast action and absolute secrecy presses into action the man who helped him with the Central Park case and the Silvestri crime family. The Hanshi has an obligation with Interpol due to an agreement he made with them and reluctantly agrees to assist in the investigation. His cover will be an impromptu lecture tour on military strategy at European military and industrial complexes. 

While touring and lecturing he begins to track the Silvestris’ arms activities and interrupts a CIA-sanctioned arms deal with Israel to arm Rwanda with nuclear weapons. This mishap begins to open doors and the Hanshi begins to uncover the reason for the terrorist plot: an international banking operation, mysteriously linked to remnants of the 3rd Reich, engineered to shut down the world’s financial markets. The banking operation is run by a European crime syndicate sanctioned by the CIA and headed by Jean-Louis Silvestri.

Mann is making progress—and enemies. The CIA gives Falesco 12 hours to send Mann back to the U.S and privately arranges with Mossad Europe to take Mann out; he knows too much about the secret arms deal. Silvestri gets word that Mann is in Europe investigating him about the terrorist attack and fearing that the Hanshi may know his plans also decides to have him eliminated.

Time is running out. Falesco urges the Hanshi to go back to New York—the CIA is insistent. Mann agrees to go home but doesn’t; he is determined to see Silvestri stopped once and for all. He escapes to Brussels where he receives refuge at the Institute des Arts Martiaux de Belgique from its head, Pieter Vandermeer. Vandermeer, who is also a colonel in the Belgian Intelligence Service, decides to help the Hanshi.

Falesco discovers that Mann has not gone home but is in Brussels. Concerned for Mann’s safety, he assigns a top agent, Mira LeSeur, to travel undercover and seduce Mann to find out what he knows and get him to go home. An unexpectedly intense romance develops between them and she compromises Interpol. The Hanshi learns that she is now marked for death while he realizes he is being used as a pawn in a deadly game of international intrigue. The Hanshi must protect Mira and put a stop to the entire affair that is causing worldwide terror to develop as the international banks begin to founder. The Hanshi eludes Interpol, the CIA, the Belgian National Police and Mossad to track down the bank’s arms consortium and stop the terrorists.

(c)SFKaufman 2008 All Rights Reserved ISBN 0-9779551-7-6 

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