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As I sat and contemplated early this morning thinking about what to include in the contents of my weekly Hanshi Reader, out of the blue came the words, and as all writers know, the rest is history.  But this time was different.  It was as if a new level of consciousness set upon me like a swarming of bees, intense and loud.  I realize the magnificence of my life and I am thrilled knowing that I can revel in the knowledge that it all makes sense to me.  No longer do I have to consider alternatives to reasons for my existence.  No longer do I wonder at the so-called mysteries of life that supposedly frustrate and confuse my best efforts.  I move ahead in all things knowing that what it is that I have decided to do for myself is in reality being done for the benefit of all concerned with myself as the primary recipient of all good.  This attitude and mentality through me extends into the deepest corners of the universe.  I choose it to be that way and carry myself with poise and confidence in all matters.  Thinking only of accomplishment for myself I am able to give of myself in totality to all who come into my life - within the contraints of sobriety.  I come to know that by my concentrated efforts to ascend to my own higher level of consciousness I devote more of myself to knowing my true purpose on a continuous basis.  Knowing my own purpose keeps me in line with all that has to be maintained in order and harmony including my physical and mental health, my finances, my creativity and my ability to love and be loved.  I dig me!  How about yourself?

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