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I Demand Excellence

I demand excellence in everything I do. I refuse to accept mediocrity and indifference as any aspect of my being and I continually strive to go forward in endeavors that enhance the quality and enjoyment of my life. I understand that others may not share this attitude and therefore I am tolerant but only up to the point that it doesn’t interfere with my ability to live my live by my Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. I maintain my vision of perfection in all that I do and strive to increase my value to myself and to others that share parts of my life without overpowering them with my certitude. I also understand the reality of knowing when to stop demanding things of myself and others and will not permit my sense of self to harm the relationships I share with others having value in my life. By focusing on the needs for attaining higher levels of consciousness I maintain my body in physical perfection and refuse to permit any anomalies to create dis-ease or disease. I maintain the structure of my life to enjoy things without any excessive drama that can hurt my finances. I live by my own credo and accept that others are also entitled to their own ideas as well. I have patience with all things and all people regardless of the absurdities they express according to what I think is inappropriate and therefore do not let them create disturbances where none are necessary and none are ever necessary. When it is difficult for me to deal with specific situations I immediately create a Self-Revealization Acceptance on the spot and demand of the Spirit of the Thing Itself to bring about the proper action for me to continue on without discord. For the ability and the intelligence required to keep these actions in my life I give total and complete thanks to the Creative Power of the universe without hesitation and I praise myself for the knowingness that creates these thoughts in my existence.

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