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I Am My Own Person

I live my life according to my own personal choices. Though I acknowledge others who have input into my experiences I maintain my own perspectives and do not let overly assertive people interfere with the reality of me living my life by My Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. The pleasures that I give to others are for my pleasure as well and therefore I am cautious in my decisions to include restrictions that I personally deem required for my own expressions of my own good. I always seek the authority of the Spirit of the Thing Itself to instill its faith OF itself in me, as me, and through me and I acknowledge that Self-Revealization Acceptance functions for me on all levels. Because of this awareness I never have to concern myself with making incorrect choices. My self-defined desiresare the only matters that exist in my universe and by continually redefining my desires I eventually come to that point in my life that all is in accord with my deepest thoughts. I do not fall victim to mass belief systems and I do not allow for the current trends in self empowerment to cause me to fall into the morass of mediocrity and indifference based on goody-two-shoes mentalities that are totally bogus and meaningless. I permit my mind to further explore my own reality while enjoying all new conditions that will enable me to see into new worlds without having to subscribe to anything unless Ibelieve it to be that profound that I must incorporate it into my life. This mentality IS the reality of Self- Revealization Acceptance and I learn to use it more effectively every time I work with it. The ability to make my own decisions through the authority of the Spirit of the Thing Itself is what maintains me in the perfection of my ideal and the harmony of my life in accord with all I survey. I maintain the belief that I am one with my self and I will have no need to follow even the most profound teaching of anything. That is the reality of true freedom and in my life that is what is happening. I continue to learn more of my own true self while trusting ever more in the Spirit of the Thing Itself to relieve me of all frustration and confusion. For this remarkable insight I am eternally grateful and utterly humbled bythe Creative Power of the universe and this profound Self-Revealization Acceptance.

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