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Conversation With A Student

This is the transcript of a conversation I had with a reader in a relatively rural area of China, Zhangzhou City on Saturday morning Sept 20, here in NYC and night in her side of the world.  Ain’t the ‘net’ great?  Keep in mind that some of the answers may seem out of context due to time delays in our both writing at the same time.  This is a fun one.  Dig it!

Student: Hi, Hanshi. How are you?

Hanshi: Hello, there. How have you been?

Student: The time flies so quickly.

Hanshi: It really does. And you never know what is going to happen in life regardless of your plans so it is best to take advantage of all of your desires when you have them as long as they don't interfere with your harmony.

Student: I agree. We have a saying here: The plan can not catch up with the change.

Hanshi: How true, how true. We say the same thing in a different manner and it was the name of a major American novel by the author, John Steinbeck.

Student: Oh, how do you say that there?

Hanshi: The book is entitled Of Mice and Men. The saying is "The best laid plans of mice and men are for naught." Something like that.

Student: Oh

Hanshi: The inconsistency of the Heavens to cooperate at our whimsy without true understanding of the source of all being is what causes much of the consternation in the world. People, it seems, for the most part, cannot come to terms with the tragedy of their own inconsequence in the overall design of the entire universe however there is more to it than that. As you have been receiving my Hanshi Reader (click here to subscribe www.hansi.com) you are sure to have noticed that I periodically make apparent how important it is to functionally demand of the universe your desires but only when you are convinced that it is the right thing to do for the benefit of all concerned. This coming week's SRA will be just that: I KNOW MY PURPOSE.

Student: Yup, that's the key.

Hanshi: Knowing one's purpose makes it essentially easy to come to terms with the ways of the world and not to become embroiled in the maelstrom of madness and greed and all of the other terrible vices we foist upon each other. 

Student: Hmm... 

Hanshi: The older I get the more I begin to realize the nothingness of it all and that there is no such thing as a grand plan or a universal design that man could ever discern. Man (and woman) must come to understand their own relationship to the Heavens and if there is hesitancy to do that then disillusionment will reign supreme. I have come to understand that what it is that I do is viable for the entire world in that when I am content with my situations (for the most part) then there is no need for conflict and therefore I have no enemies unless I choose to have them and I have no friends unless I choose to have them as well.

Student: I see. If we don't want or demand too much life will be easier.

Hanshi: Do you? That's wonderful. A lot of people think that I am too deep and they merely agree because they don't want to have to probe their own inner self other than what is popular in the mass mentality. So I am glad that you are in line with your own reality, whatever that might be.

Student: Though I am younger, but I think I can understand.

Hanshi: I know you can. Young has nothing to do with understanding, it has to do with a number but the inner seeking experience is what separates us from others and when we understand our uniqueness we have no trouble accepting and living in accord with anyone else. That is why war and conflict, etc. is such a meaningless effort. Better we should concentrate of exploring the stars and at the same time making sure that all on earth have enough to eat and have a blanket to keep them warm at night.

Student: Yes, but unfortunately, there are still a lot of people without enough to eat.

Hanshi: That is because of the greed of those who would think they control the destiny of everything on the earth. They are truly weak minded in that they have no reason for being and that by coercing others they think they will inevitably come to "own" things. They are wrong because there is really nothing to own and when you understand that you have no problem acquiring whatever it is that you want through your own efforts and not through the sweat and pain of others. There is always enough of everything for everyone

Student: Few men control most of the wealth.

Hanshi: Yes but only when you give them the due that they demand. If you think in terms of living by your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom you will come to know that it is all due to your shortsightedness in that you will concur with them forsaking the truth that you indeed are the center of the universe and should they decide that they will deprive you of anything you simply smile and that will scare the hell out of them - but you have to smile without arrogance. Besides what is wealth...money? You don't have to be physically cash rich to enjoy all there is to enjoy in life. What you simply do is to accept as a unique gift from the Heavens all that you want to experience and therefore you will have no problems having anything and everything that you could possibly desire. All you have to due is to acknowledge the Heavens and the Heavens will smile on you. Always has been this way and always will be this way. As a matter of fact you should print out this conversation for your own archives. I will do the same and perhaps I will include it in one of the Hanshi Readers as an adjunct to the Self-Revealization Acceptances.

Student: Yup, they are great words.

Hanshi: Never mind the great words just remember that the words are coming through me and not from me. And if indeed they are coming from me then it is because I have accepted a higher reality that may or may not be true to you. It is however, true to me.

Student: It's just like something I can feel but I can't express too well

Hanshi: And with that, my dear, I bid you a wonderful evening and I will speak with you soon.

Student: Ok, you have a good day.

Hanshi: Speak soon.