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Beware of Change for the Sake of Change

Having recently reread my Book of Five Rings, I was excited at having discovered new perspectives of the ancient teachings that Musashi put forward. That said, the "young" should be directed to examining their own motives before assuming understanding via intellectual ping pong. It takes many years to truly understand the fundamental principles of any discipline aside from schoolroom revelations. It is the responsibility, and it is essential that the "young" be respected for their ideals as we demanded for ourselves when we were young. At the same time it is sometimes necessary to admonish adamantly when they approach with attempted denigration the teachings of the masters what they may have been taught by those who really didn't know what they were talking about. That is why masters remain masters even into their addled old age. Like the great conductor, Toscanini, once remarked at the age of 90 or thereabouts, "I am fortunate to have lived this long. I am finally starting to understand what music is really about."