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Badinage and Foie Gras


Multidimensional Badinage and the Attendant Foie Gras

Nice way to put it, don't you think? As I travel throughout the universe, hidden and otherwise via the internet and check out the various and sundry sites that represent everything imaginable from “authentic” training to empower you to act and function as a legitimate “angel,” to zoological metamorphosis whereby you can train and study for certification in authentic shape shifting, I have become somewhat of a skeptic, and of course I say this with tongue in cheek—who am I to dispute the verisimilitude of utter badinage and foie gras?

What amazes me even further is the culpability of the extreme masses to actually take any of this “stuff” seriously. I can simply not absorb the extent to which I am barraged with an inordinate amount of persona who actually think they are masters of any sort regardless of their claims to fame, and so I have relegated everyone except for personal contacts into the spam file except those who legitimately tell me I can become the most profound penicanthropus erectus and orgasmatronist if I will only begin to take my innate skills and desires seriously and sign up for their premium membership.

For example, and I blame the internet for this...EVERYONE is a master of this or that, an ascended master of this or that, a grandmaster of this or that, and the list keeps getting bigger. I have yet to come into contact with someone who is not a best-selling author, recognized authority...or the freaking Wizard of Oz.

As well, everyone is a relationship expert having written some junk about their hidden sex life that reeks of misbegotten multiple orgasms; (and for a small fee they will tell you how to attain such profound bliss) everyone is a spiritual master and, therefore, an author because their particular life is heavenly ordained, thereby making them an avatar of some strange and ancient cult that is hardly known to the masses anymore because of its divine uniqueness, a poet having written some idiotic verse for their baby grandchild...you get my drift.

The badinage and attendant foie gras has gotten completely assimilated into our cultural consciousness. As a result, I wonder if at all there is anyone to listen to that actually has anything intelligent and viable to say with the exception, or course, of myself and my few friends that really know what's what without having to be in who's who even though most of us are.