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An Interview with Hanshi Stephen Kaufman

I have been interviewed by Harold Channer for his show entitled "Conversations with Channer" - An Hour with Hanshi Stephen Kaufman. It is also available on YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPM_dTaJeBI It is a completely off the cuff chat and is unedited along with my sneeze and cough. I talk about everything: from my books, to current events, to martial arts, etc. It will be aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Cable TV on October 27 at 11 am New York time.
By the way, the pop ups during the interview that say I am the founder of self realization are obviously wrong and the post production people at MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) are responsible for the error. I am the founder of SELF-REVEALIZATION ACCEPTANCE. WARNING: It get "rough" in spots. Enjoy!