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Glad to be this week's Red Room Rising Star!

Hey, with so much going on, it's very cool to be caught here as a Red Room Rising Star for the week. Just last week I met a lot of cool folks at Noircon in Philly and was featured, along with Scott Sigler, in the SF Chronicle for the work we're doing in bringing out our books free in podcast, serialized audio form.  To listen to the free audio of my first crime novel, JACK WAKES UP, or to download the audio of the whole book free, visit, this page. On my website, sethharwood.com, you'll find the free PDF of JACK WAKES UP, podcasts of JACK WAKES UP, JACK PALMS II: THIS IS LIFE, and my ongoing follow-up podcast, currently titled JACK PALMS 3. I've also podcast my collection of short stories, A LONG WAY FROM DISNEY. You can find all of this at sethharwood.com.

JACK WAKES UP is also available for purchase from Amazon.com. On its release date, Palms Sunday, 3/16, my podcast listeners pushed the book to #45 in Books overall on Amazon, #3 in Mystery/Thrillers, and #1 in Mystery outright! Many thanks to them! If you want to see more of what they're up to and visit the fanspace, go here: Palms Family Clubhouse.

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It must be a heady experience, indeed. I'm still trying to work my way up to Red Room Persona Grata. But hope springs eternal. :)


Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame! You've earned it! :)