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Weather Girl

This flowing torrent
is my proclivity.
Like the tide, in and out,
pulled by the moon’s breath.
My disposition changes, lover.
I am the weather,
and by the time you finish
reading this,
it will have changed again.
Right now there is a storm brewing.
I can smell it on the air.
Thick and wet,
Close to the surface,
And gathering strength.
Crackling lightning in my head.
Low rumbles of thunder in my belly.
You say you want data.
You want just the facts.
You want the Doppler-Vision
On this Weather-Girl.
Fickle Feminine reporting:
The sea is choppy this morning.
There’s a high wind advisory out.
Expecting heavy rain,
Patches of dense fog
With very low visibility.
Chance of storm: 70%.