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Lost Again
The Trust - the debut novel of Sean Keefer.
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Things I have lost.  There is a guitar strap.  Been gone for years.  One of my favorite tee-shirts - no idea where it went.  And then there is my youthful innocence.  Well, actually I know where that it is, but I doubt it is ever coming back.  

However, mostly what has been lost is a sense of focus and priority when it comes to writing.

But keep in mind it's not just finding time to write. 

I love to write, but I share a similar challenge that many an author/writer shares.  I have to work.  My job makes me a member of a rather interesting group - one who's members can pay their bills so they can write, but have a challenging time finding the time to write.  

Funny that focus is often lost because I get to really focus on my job.  I get to make sure that I put in the hours, do the homework and generally stay on top of things to make sure I am a providing a service that will make existing clients happy and attract new ones.  Needless to say, this is a full time job.  

Now we've established the main priority I am dealing with at least 4 and 1/2 days out of the week is my job.  Let's see what else needs to be done.

Family time.  I love it and wouldn't give it up, but to do it right requires several hours a day.  Oh, and I'm not including exercise in family time but this is an equally important aspect of a person's life.  After all, you don't want to ignore your wellbeing and drop over dead at 32, or well, at an age younger than would be expected.

Okay, there is still more, but let's add on all of the other day to day obligations that have to be done.

So now that all that is taken care of you can finally sit down and write.

Well, first you have to take care of the marketing for the book you just had published.  After all, you want to make sure it sells...

You get the point.  There exists an endless number of "other" things that we can rationalize as having priority over the time it takes to sit down and write.  What is it just to skip a day here and there.  If you write a page a day that is a book a year.  Skip 10 days a month and suddenly your book is barely half done.

Remember that focus is all too often the first thing to get misplaced.  Find what motivates you and keep that focus fresh.  

That way you can make sure that if the focus is ever gone it's not truly lost, but rather it's just been pushed to the back of the shelf.