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Charleston, SC
Jan 2011

I'm Sean Keefer.  I live and write in Charleston, South Carolina.  It also happens that I was born and raised in the Carolinas. Oh and all of the formal education - High School, College, Graduate School and, yes, even Law School, happened, for better or worse in the Carolinas.  I should also point out that the focus of the education was at the University of South Carolina so it is reasonable to expect South Carolina Gamecock references in virtually most everything I write.  It is also interesting to point out that I left the Carolinas thinking the grass was better on the other side of the fence, but I was wrong.  

In addition to the formal education, I've had a variety of jobs through the years.  This includes a very brief stint roping, or trying to rope in, potential time share buyers, to a tobacco cropper, to a photographer, to my most recent, and current, endeavor, an attorney and mediator.  Between all of this I have and continue to write.

My first novel, The Trust, was just published and I am feverishly working to market it to the masses.  That and I am hard at work on a sequel. 


Ron Rash, Tom Franklin, Steve Berry, John Kennedy Toole, Pat Conroy

Upcoming Works

The Trust has just been released. A sequel, tentatively entitled, The Changing of the Guard, is in the works.

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Guitar, Photography, Cooking, Dogs, Scuba