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Jan 2008

Sean Chercover grew up in Toronto. He spent his summers in Georgia, with his grandmother in Louisville (pronounced, Lewis-ville, not like that city in Kentucky) and with cousins in Atlanta.

During his teens, Sean worked in the television industry in Toronto and Montreal. After high school, he worked on the underwater documentary series, The Last Frontier, traveling to the Arctic, Central America, up and down the Atlantic, and throughout the Caribbean. Sean's intense love of scuba diving is sometimes reflected in his fiction.

After living in South Carolina for a spell, Sean moved to the Windy City, where he earned a BA in Indecision at Columbia College Chicago.

He then attended the American Security Training Institute, qualifying to work as a Private Detective, Security Consultant and Bodyguard. With Illinois Blue Card in hand, he went to work as a private detective in Chicago. He later moved to New Orleans, where he continued to work as a PI.

In the mid '90s, Sean returned to Toronto and the television industry, where he worked as a writer and video editor on about a gazillion documentaries, a few "reality" shows, some industrial videos, infomercials, and so on. He also wrote for children's television, including the award-winning Once Upon A Hamster.

He's written for periodicals including MediaScene, Diver, La Plongee, Solutions Quarterly, Cinema Canada, IDG's Publish, Crimespree, and others. He was a monthly columnist for AvidProNet.com, an online publication for media folks.

For American Entertainment Radio, Sean wrote and co-produced an adaptation of the classic noir film, D.O.A. The radio-drama was syndicated across North America.

Sean's first feature screenplay, Scared Money, sold to Hollywood but later died in "development hell."

And then there's the glamorous stuff: over the years, Sean has worked as a truck driver, waiter, nightclub magician, car-jockey and encyclopedia salesman.

Sean, his wife, and their son live with a clever dog and an unusual cat. They reside in Chicago and Toronto.

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