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So I read a story at Litquake last month. They asked five people to write entirely new material just for that night based on Kierkegaard's Either/Or, which is essentially like saying "slap together whatever you want, it's all applicable." I tossed around the idea for a while and decided to go with the most cliched possible angle I could think of. Either/Or says one thing to me, and that's hermaphrodism. I whipped up a quick piece about Jamie Lee Curtis, and it was good, but in the end seemed just a little too original. I mean, does anyone really remember Grandview USA? No, with Jamie it's pretty much starts and ends with the shower scene from Trading Places. So then, I thought Either/Or prretty much had to be about ghosts. Alive or dead? Real or imagined? Sheet with holes cut out, or penumbra of transparent energy? I came up with the ultimate ghost cliche, writing a piece about Haley Joel Osmand. It even pains me to type, in a whispery font, "I see dead people," but that was the punchline. Re-reading it right before the event, though, it again seemed a bit too original. Finally, I settled on the devil. You can't beat the devil. It went over pretty well. And I didn't have to use the word Hades.