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Fox Island, WA
Married to an engineer: the methodical, mathematical side of my soul.
Feb 2009

Art school was the only sort of school I was ever good at, so naturally I decided to become a writer.  I started with poetry until I had my poetic license pulled for smuggling bootleg limericks across the border.  I then dabbled in political blogging and tech writing until the love of a good woman rescued me.  Now I do freelance techwriting and help run a local college writing center while I sell my first novel, a literary thriller titled The Palimpsest.

I placed 18th overall (out of over 10,000 entrants) in the 6th Annual Writer's Digest Short-Short Story Contest (published by Trafford Press) with the story "Armageddon Interruptus". This is a humorous romp through the difficulties of staging a proper apocalypse, finding a properly pale horse, practical accountancy and daylight savings time.

I write humor and smart, literate thrillers revolving around the international trade in cultural artifacts, especially books.

I'm a member of the PNWA.

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Art, history, paleography, book conservation, anthropology, sculpture, technology, coffee roasting and everything in between.