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Scott Owens's Books

For One Who Knows How to Own Land
I grew up in two worlds: my father’s parents’ world of brick homes, city streets, shopping, and playgrounds; and my mother’s parents’ world of dirt roads, livestock, growing our own food, and endless woods. That second world was undeniably harder than the first. The work was dirtier, and there was more of it. The homes had fewer luxuries: no cable, no AC, never more than one...
“Why ask where none can answer?” Scott Owens’ collection, Something Knows the Moment, poses this question and accompanies it with a hundred others about the nature of God, the nature of faith, of doubt, of trust and distrust, disillusion and resignation.  The answer is, We ask because we cannot help but ask. --These poems are necessary.        ---- Fred Chappell, NC Poet Laureate...
The Nature of Attraction
A collaborative series of poems written by Pris Campbell and Scott Owens featuring the characters Sara and Norman and comprising a narrative sequence about the difficult relationship of these two.
New Poems by Scott Owens
Poems of aching tenderness. PATERNITY explores with a discerning, clear-eyed sensitivity the daily small delights, frustrations, and purely unexpected miracles that, taken together, make up the building blocks of one father's personal salvation. --Joanna Catherine Scott, author of Night Huntress and Fainting at the Uffizi   In Scott...
The Fractured World
Nothing prepared me for the immediacy and yet intimacy of the poems in Fractured World.  Nor the  intensely painful revelations about our woundedness and vulnerability, not to mention our despair at being turned into empty vessels by the "game" of a world divided into sides always at war with each other.  As "Taking the Field declares, "And this is the way/you...
The Persistence of Faith is a fresh strong rethinking, reknowing, of our religious truths. Scott Owens' love for these materials is fierce and true, and out of it he brings poems fierce and true. Here is one to read joyfully and admire plentifully. Fred Chappell, Poet Laureate of North Carolina   If, as Paul Eluard suggested, "there is another world but it exists in...