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"5th Avenue Motel"

They closed the transient

5th Avenue Motel and now

where will they go?

The single mother with

her two daughters

eating cockroaches from

the floor, hell, where will

the rats and roaches go?

The city thinks it’s

a drug infested blight,

but Jack Neeley knows

its secret history, likely

once a grand building

near Knoxville’s 4th

and Gill district.

They came from all

over to stay for a

night or a month

or whatever they

can afford, however

they can afford it –

recycling bottles,

turning tricks,

playing at Robin Hood

for themselves, and now

it’s gone, broken windows

boarded up, chain link

fence surrounding it

like it’s a dog with scurvy.

The transient hotel

drained pale, pissing

in an empty ashtray.