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YeYe's Pandora Votive
The Miami Herald
         by Saxon Henry  The path from industrial engineer to perfumer may not seem a likely one on the surface, but for YeYe Fragrances’ co-founder Ernesto Sanchez-Bujanda, the mathematical aspects of his education as an engineer are perfectly aligned with his ability to create sensual home fragrances. When he speaks of base notes, heart notes and top notes—the...
imoderni's Miami showroom
The Miami Herald
From the unassuming exterior, you might not guess that Imoderni is a chic, loft-like showroom filled with home furnishings from eight Italian manufacturers specializing in luxury brands. In fact, Imoderni co-founder Neil Somerfield likens the experience of stepping through the door to an episode of the BBC series Doctor Who. “Doctor Who’s time traveling...
Eileen Gray's E.1027 table
Florida Inside Out
   by Saxon Henry  In 1972, Eileen Gray’s popularity as a furniture designer resurfaced after a thirty-five year hiatus when Yves Saint-Laurent bought her four-panel lacquer screen Le Destin at a Paris auction for over thirty-six thousand dollars. Her response: “C’est absurde.” Were she still alive, she might find the frequency with which her furniture designs...
900 Biscayne Bay
The Miami Herald
        by Saxon Henry  Those who are familiar with Sam Robin’s design prowess understand that she comes by it naturally, but the extent to which it is alive in her may surprise even those who are close to her. “If I was your babysitter when I was young, you’d come home and the entire house would be redecorated!” she recalls. “I was the only babysitter in Chicago...
Zaid beside the Butterfly Pool that she designed (Tristan Reyes Alvarado photo credit)
MIAMI Magazine
               by Saxon Henry  No longer limited to bling for the kitchen, bath and pool, mosaics are making a move throughout the dishiest digs. Zaid Rivera, the Design Department Supervisor of Trend USA, is on the cutting edge of this textural trend. She’s the creator of mosaic designs for Aqua on Allison Island, the Waterfall at the Epic in Miami and...
Citronella's Round Cottage
Pages Magazine
 by Saxon Henry  I am one of those writers for whom the adage “there is a fine line between work and play” rings true, so when I feel the need for a break from my usual surroundings, I rarely leave my work at home. When I plan a vacation, I look for accommodations that support my normal routine while surrounding me in natural beauty. The three destinations below...
by Saxon Henry  I’m preparing for a trip to France in the fall and I’ve been thinking about my long-held obsession with the French Court of the 17th and 18th centuries. In my reading, I generally limit my choices to nonfiction—letters or biographies of courtiers, for instance—but one piece of fiction was so compelling that I couldn’t resist it.  The book,...
Distinction Magazine
by Saxon Henry  Argentina is a country of contradictions. Beyond Buenos Aires’s most recognizable monument—a massive obelisk situated in the middle of the Avenida de 9 Julio, one of the widest avenues in the world—the architecture of the country’s capital confirms that an amalgam of cultures collided here. The heady mix of ornate French and Italianate facades...
Rosebud Cemetary
Skidrow Penthouse/Issue #2
                                           -Lower Brule Reservation, South Dakota     I've been given a room where a bent fly swatter and a Niobrara Cross on a beaded chain hang on a nail by the dresser. My window faces where Crazy Horse and Iron Nation Streets converge — a vacant corner since a housing project was lifted from the soil. I watch as children...
The New York Quarterly, Number 59
 “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great!...God has remembered her iniquities…mix a double draught for her in the cup she mixed…” Revelations 18   The wind lifts spray from a lit fountain above a gouged bench on a platform for the 1 and 9, where raucous girls—one with orange matted hair and a ditzy brunette in a poodle coat— disregard stares and laughter.   An...