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counting my blessings

It was a departmental promotion meeting. I was nervious. There are two reasons for my concern. This event will decide my future. I am aware of the fact, that there is no vacancy in the organisation for my discipline. All my peers who have come out of the venue were not very optimistic about their result.

I entered the room nerviously, with a big smileand hello to the huge committee of 12 Members looking at me. My boss and my mentor was sitting at the center and heading the committee. His first question was : How are you Mr.Sastry?. Its long since we met. How are the children ?  

Do I need to mention the out come?

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You deserve that

You deserve that Kistai,being a friendly to every one you meet.

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So kind of you Jitu, In my counting, your friendship shall be the 2nd one.