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Review of Chrome Cowgirl in American Iron Magazine
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There's a short review of my book in American Iron Magazine June 2009 by Genevieve.


She's the self-proclaimed world leader of women in motorcycling.  A high honcho in chick motorcycling and sits on the board of things and is a major consultant and is in charge of many many things having to do with the definition of women in motorcycles whether it be marketing, style, look, etc.   She's like a strict school teacher to whom you say yes, ma'am.  She's very conservative and corporate-like.  Often times, I feel like Dorothy going in front of the Wizard around her. 

SOOOOOO, I'm honored that there is a review of my book from this lauded individual!!!!!!  I must say, though, she and I are so vastly different in our views of the motorcycling culture.  Which makes having a decent review from Gen so very "Lookeee here!  I earned a passing grade on my school paper!"  All the while, I've been waiting to hear what she may say about my second literary effort...

Just to clarify a few things that are written in this review:  It is mentioned that in this book, my approach is not concrete; rather it is spiritual and so forth.  What is CONCRETE in motorcycling?  To have a concrete understanding of the skills necessary to ride, why, of course, important, but there are many books written on concrete skill and instruction.   I write from the OTHER place about motorcycling.  It's an ever moving, viberante, alive, fluid, evolving sport experience of sorts.  I see riding as a humongo adventure of evolutionary epic proportions, similar to great stories like Wiz of OZ, H. Potter, Narnia tales, Alice, Dora, O brother where art thou? and so many other great journey tales. 

Riding a motorcycle is a HUMONGO adventure, even if I'm saddling up to ride to the corner grocery stop.  Yes, Gen has a very very very defined view of what motorcycling is, and that makes it even super cool that she accepts me and my spiritual, humourous, quirky presentation of motorcycling.  I see motorcycling as a way to break open and find answers and let your entire being BE in all its personality, truth, emotion and spirit.  Childlike, yet kingly and queenly.  Authentic and stand firm on your pimpin.

Concrete or conventional just isn't in my lifestyle.  I mean, I'm a girl who is planning a wedding to be more like a carnival meets a birthday party meets a first date of super high awesomeness romantic glee.  There is rarely a purely  conventional approach for me with anything.

Also, I don't consider people in motorcycling hob nobbin celebrities.  They are accomplished riders in the business and culture who have experienced gorgeous opportunities and then spread their passion for riding and love for motorcycle art and design to the world.  They are successful wind brothers and wind sisters to me.  I don't rub elbows with them; I kick tires and share the wonder and vibe of our culture.  Lots of these people I knew way before the TV stuff happened. 

To ride, is to lighten up in the highest order.   To ride is to know the rules of the road and the art and skill of riding a two wheeled unicorn and master those rules, and then admit you know nothing, and receive more and more opportunities for education so that you are always refining the way you experience the journey. 

To ride is to individuate.   To individuate is be truth.  To be truth is to be HAPPY!  Oh, I cannot be defined nor can I be concrete, except I can say I am concrete in my views which are ever changing as I learn and grow and evolve and experience life on all kinds of levels and situations.  My concrete approach, one could say, is in the divine.  And knowledge of the divine is ever changing as one IMPROVES their understanding and ability to live and let die. 

My motorcycle, Miss Tigerlily, is the road diva, the princess, the queen, the tom boy, the glamourous, trashy, innocent, asphalt dancer bitch who whisks me away on these wonderous moments.  Therefore, the road IS my home. 

Although I've been a passionately hungry motorcycle girl for a very long time, including my savory moments as a passenger before getting my license, there is so much I don't know because motorcycling is an art and an emotion and a true course for higher road experiences into the clouds of unknowing. 

Thank you, Genevieve, beautiful representative of the female motorcycle world!, for your sweet review in American Iron Magazine.  It is an honor, truly, to read your review and know that you took the time to embrace my art.  

Yes, keep on ridin and s'milin.

Peace, love, ride and slam dance!

Love and keepsakes,