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Sarah U. Wisseman's Reviews

Reviews of Sarah’s Work

The Bootlegger's Nephew
Published by The News Gazette (Champaign IL)
"Local author Sarah Wisseman has written the first book of a new mystery series set in Champaign County in 1923, during Prohibition in the United States...Wisseman has an easy...
The Fall of Augustus
Published by News Bureau, University of Illinois
"Wisseman teaches an anthropology course and is director of the Program on Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials at the University of Illinois. And like the heroine in...
The House of the Sphinx
Published by www.smilepolitely.com
"Wisseman’s books are of interest for a number of reasons: she lives and works right here in Champaign-Urbana, the novels are fast-paced and carefully constructed, and the author’...
The Virtual Mummy
Published by Victoria College Library
"This slim (60 page) volume describes an interdisciplinary research project on an approximately 2,000 year old Egyptian mummy acquired by the Spurlock Museum on the campus of the...
The Dead Sea Codex
Published by Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center
"...Sarah Wisseman’s second entry in the Lisa Dona hue series is entertaining and satisfying. It is a slim volume (only 150 pages in length) and this is a strength. Her prose is...
The Dead Sea Codex
Published by Lighthouse Book Reviews
"What a wonderful story! Author Sarah Wisseman takes us on a journey with archaeologist Lisa Donahue, as she arrives in Jerusalem to arrange for artifacts to be loaned to her home...