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Sarah U. Wisseman's Books

The Bootlegger's Nephew
A gunshot wound in the middle of the night—the last patient in a long tiring day for Dr. Earl “Illinois” Junker or Doc Junker to the little town of Big Grove, Illinois. The victim—a very drunk Nathan Donaldson with a large hole in his leg—smelled of bad booze. Doc wasn't sure which condition was more life-threatening. It is 1923 and life for Doc Junker is getting complicated. In...
Winter 2010 issue of Mysterical-E
The parents of an American teacher visit an unusual school in the Dominican Republic, where they find mysteries and roosters.
The House of the Sphinx
Archaeologist LISA DONAHUE and her physician husband, JAMES BARBER, hope a Nile cruise in Egypt will be the honeymoon they never had. Lisa's idea of relaxation is crawling in and out of tombs and exploring obscure parts of Luxor, whereas James plans to take a zillion photos with his new digital camera. As the trip begins, Lisa and James ride camels and gawk at the Cairo skyline....
The Fall of Augustus
When Victor Fitzgerald is killed by a falling statue, Lisa Donahue becomes Interim Director of her Boston University museum.   Suddenly she’s juggling murder, artifact theft, and a complicated move into a new building. Then the treacherous Dean announces her replacement: a vicious woman from Lisa’s past…  This is the third in the Lisa...
The Dead Sea Codex
Two archaeologists race to find a lost manuscript before Christian fanatics destroy it. This novel is the first in the Lisa Donahue archaeological mystery series.
The Virtual Mummy
The Virtual Mummy is a thoroughly readable introduction to the nondestructive techniques used by contemporary researchers to analyze the artifacts and culture of ancient Egypt. It tells the captivating story of the “virtual unwrapping” of an Egyptian mummy and the interdisciplinary project that allowed researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to investigate the...