where the writers are

They came
all dressed and
dolled up

Pretty ladies in a circle
share a pitcher of
frozen margaritas
Glasses tipped with salt
girls brimming
with youth

She says to one, "Enjoy
and play it
by ear"
to the other
"Drop him,
He is no good"

Then they raise
their glasses, a toast
for the best

They cross their legs
under their type-A skirts
and move closer
to share secrets
sips and a few

They dry their tears
to enjoy
each others' laughter

They talk about lovers
and romance
How to take delight in and
how to reveal
They tell stories
about families
and plans
They talk of endings
and beginnings

They are women
of the mind
Women of discipline
and women of the heart
They bloom
with each experience
each lesson
each tear they allow to fall
and each mountain they conquer.