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Here in Los Angeles, I am sitting on the cusp of the New Year and a new moon. It is still morning and sunlight saturates my yard, nourishing my plants and driving me inside. I prefer sitting in the yard when it’s dark, when I can wonder at the source of scratching and skittering in the trees, when...
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Last Friday, we lost a great presence in our hearts and lives. Our Kid, at 14-1/2 years old, lost his battle with cancer. You can imagine the space the loss of this 105-pound mastiff/pitbull mix, who snored louder than a man, has left in our house. The rumble of his sleep no longer comforts us, the...
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Jupiter, twelve years and 3 months ago.
Here is a photo of Jupiter at three months.  It took him a year to grow into that head. My sister-in-law, Maryke, told me that it hurts so much to lose our dogs and cats because the only thing they do is love us.  Regardless of our moods, our actions, our choices… they love us.  I...
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Me and Jupiter
  Here I am with Jupiter, my faithful pup of twelve years.  We've just learned he has cancer and this breaks my heart.  I hope there will be many more months of him lying at my feet as I write.  For it is all he really wants--to be near and, of course, to take long walks. ...
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Mom and me in South Mountain Park.JPG
  When I lived in Phoenix, I had the fortune of having Mom and Dad come out and stay with me for a month in the winters.  Mom and I spent a lot of time walking the paths and roads in South Mountain Park.  I treasure this memory.  I treasure her.   Walking with my mother at...
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Amos' Website
  Me:  Well, Amos, when I created you, I fully expected you to stay in the pages of my novel.  What prompted you to “come out” so to speak? Amos:   That’s a good question, Sara.   And I don’t want to be disparaging here, but it seems to me that a lot of authors...
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Cats on Rat Patrol
            One Sunday night, one of our cats began staring at the stove.  Like it was a T.V. or aquarium.  I laughed, took pictures, posted one on Facebook.  Everyone said, “You have a RAT or a MOUSE.”  How dare they?  The nerve!  I’ve...
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Apparently, while I'm slaving away on the sequel to A Sigh for Life's Completion, my main character, Paul Christian has found time to write an essay clarifying the vampire archetype.  It follows here:   There is a romantic notion of what a vampire is.  I would like to suggest that...
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mom n dad.jpg
  Happy Birthday Dad.  I miss you. I'm not sure what ethereal place you're in—but I am sure that you make it better for all there.  If you're among souls, I imagine they are laughing more and enjoying good conversation.  You're probably telling stories—flashing moments from your...
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  In 2006 I was teaching English at a South Phoenix high school.  As word spread about the march planned to protest immigration legislation, many teachers told our students that cutting school to participate would affect their grade.  Some teachers even promised to give students Fs...
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Homeless Man, Beverly Hills
  I had a nightmare once, when I was a teenager.  I was in a small cement prison cell with damp walls.  It was cold and I had nothing to warm me--no heat, no blankets.  I looked up as a man entered and I knew that he came to kill me.  I asked him if I could write a poem...
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Edvard Munch-Vampire (1894)
  When I wrote my novel A SIGH FOR LIFE'S COMPLETION, I was returning to a vampire character who had lived in my thoughts for twenty years:  Paul Christian.  (If you want to know what he thinks about vampires in our culture, I posted a blog he wrote on 12/28/10 http://redroom.com/...
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M's note
  On my birthday this year, one of my past students, I'll just call her M, posted this on my Facebook page: Happy birthday Ms. Kuhns.  Thanks for always giving me a chance and making me do my best. You changed my Life. Happy birthday. M is an amazing poet and was so very interesting to...
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Borders is shutting their doors.  Of course, we knew this was coming when they closed stores that didn't seem to make sense to do so--such as the ones in Hollywood and Pasadena.  I hope that the void this will create will in turn become an opportunity for more independent bookstores to open up. ...
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dad and jackie.jpg
          Three months have passed since we flew to Minneapolis and drove madly through the winter rain, to see you at dawn, to be with you for the last time.   You weren’t communicating, not really. You could nod or shake your head, let us know if the pain was bad,...
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