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Los Angeles
Civil Union
Jun 2010

One of my earliest memories is of writing.  Poems, little stories by a little girl... words were the best presents I could give.  I grew up writing poetry and participated in the Chicago poetry circuit in my twenties.  At that time, I was also painting and testing the fit of my voice in longer writings.

In my thirties, I returned to school for a teaching degree. I have taught English in the public school system from some of Chicago's worst neighborhoods to those struggling economically in Phoenix.  In both, it has been my privilege to witness the strength of humanity rising from adversity.  I've also conducted adult education writing workshops and occasionally I do a bit of freelance editing. 

In 2009, I published my first novel, A SIGH FOR LIFE'S COMPLETION, a literary take on the urban fantasy genre.  I'm drawn to addressing social alienation; loneliness; the search for purpose and meaning in life; the tug of right against wrong within us all; and the beauty that can be found in surviving adversity.

Currently, I'm enjoying life with my partner, working on my next novel, walking my dogs, teaching, and discovering as many vegan restaurants as I can in Los Angeles, my new home.


Jim Butcher, Charles DeLint, Daphne du Maurier, Clive Barker

Upcoming Works

As yet untitled, the sequel/second in series to A SIGH FOR LIFE'S COMPLETION



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Infinity Publishing

Interests & Hobbies

Reading... I'll read anything.

Movies... a bit more selective--need a good story.

Writing... fragments, poetry, fiction...

Walking (with dogs or not)