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Life in Balance
Haruah (A Breath of Heaven) e-zine and print edtition
I was in elementary school the first time I heard the word euthanasia. Sister Mary Something (whose exact name was lost through time) was at the head of our class describing her time in India. Of course, it was more than just a casual account of her journey. She was tactfully teaching the doctrines of the church during a social studies class. She spoke candidly...
Short Story
daddy's helper
Chicken soup for father and daughter soul & Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad: 101 Stories of Gratitude, Love, and Good Times
It's strange looking back at my relationship with my dad because for the first thirty years of my life we didn't have much of one. No, we weren't separated by divorce, long hours at work, or even a grudge lingering from my not-so-pleasant adolescence. I'd developed a distant and vague composite of my father - a tall and shy man who worked very hard. I just never...
Short Story
MFLiving - Millennium Myths, Future Fables, and Living Legends
Two Step Woman was never really right in the noggin. She could never leave a conversation without taking two steps, and turning around to get the last word in. This made people run away when they saw her coming because if you added to her final word, she'd take two steps and come right back at you with another last thought. One morning, Two Step Woman was...
Short Story
Shore Thing
  Caroline and Da Bos Sangay GlassTrue-to-life StoryContemporary Five years ago, my tearful daughter gave me a simple note. It read: No Bot Tat Tew Me Un Da Bos This would have been considered an adorable attempt to write if she was in preschool or kindergarten, but Caroline was in the second grade. Caroline has severe dyslexia, and the note was the...