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We Are The Rescuers

I've been busy gathering inspirational stories from people who've had healing, moving and spiritual encounters with “wolfers”, domestic-bred wolves and wolf dogs, for my book, Wolfer Magic.  

I've met so many people around the world with some awesome stories since I started the Wolfer Magic Facebook page at the end of January 1213(we are now 325 strong and growing each day! I wanted to thanks all these wonderful people for all they do for these animals both wild and domesticated. So I made this 2 minute video: ) Enjoy and get tissues ready.

I used excerpts from a beautiful poem I found on the High Rock site about rescuers. The Photos are of various rescued animals not from High Rock, including Howling Woods Farm where I volunteer. But High Rock has adoptable animals.

High Rock is a rescue and sanctuary for displaced, abused, unwanted and unsocialized wolfdogs and northern breed canines. Their primary goal is to educate people and to provide care with diet, exercise and to maintain the facility. It is run by Beth Doty.