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Mystery Song Challenge # 7

This really beautiful song may need a bigger hint. It’s a folk song made popular by the movie O 'Brother Where Art Thou. There were a lot of songs about death on the soundtrack but this story is told from the perspective of a dying child.

I often listen to this song during the creative process to bring me closer to death. I recently used it to write a scene where a person was taking care of a loved one’s body after death.

It starts after the MC’s dragged out introductionJ

What is the Mystery Song Challenge?

Just simple fun. Music is a big part of the writing process. This is evidenced by the mile long favorite song threads that I find in forums throughout the web wherever writers gather. Even if you don't know the song, it might take you someplace special.

Personally, I give each character or situation a theme song. I think it makes things more colorful.Each night I go to bed with a different song in my head. If you want to see if you can guess what that song is... I'll give you a clue, then watch the video to see if you're right.Have fun!