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Mind Altering Music
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Looking for a little lunchtime brain massage to ease your mind, get rid of eyestrain, or a possibly a migraine? Honestly, I don’t know how this works, but in four minutes you can feel rested and refreshed with a little Tool.

Tool the band that is. On October 1st, 1996 the band released a CD called, AEnima, and I must say it rocked my world when I discovered the song (-) ions.

I never thought much of the song until one day I happened to be playing it on my Diskman with headphones, if anyone remembers those things.

Anyway, I was astounded by this song and started turning on all of my friends and relatives. I recently got my daughters into it too, they both have migraines and they say it helps.

I would not try this song on someone prone to seizures, but I’d love to hear what a neurologist says about it.

If you listen to (-) ions, you must use earphones or plugs or it will just sound like a thunderstorm. The song is 4 minutes long. I suggest a louder volume, so set your YouTube and computer volume up and close your eyes.

It starts off quietly then builds slowly until it finally gets inside your head, literally.

(-) ions