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Elegant Erotica: Keep Your Mind Out of the Gutter



For years I tossed and turned in bed because I was worried about using a book market term to describe my genre. An image comes to mind when the word erotica is mentioned and that image is usually a dirty one.

Then the lovely Verna Dreisbach, founder of Dreisbach Literary Management raised my spirits and removed my shame by coining the term, Elegant Erotica.

The term elegant erotica does not imply that the novel is simply porn or a naughty housewife story. It’s a subgenre that’s couples an erotic story with a deep and intense plot. It caters to the endorphins released when secrets are told, thrills are withheld, and thoughts are inspired.

What should readers of elegantly written erotica think about while they read?

“I should not be liking this, but I want to shove my hand in my pants right now.”

Dark comedy is a good example of that kind of naughty indulgence without sex. Take the movie Fargo:

A kidnapped woman running around with a bag on her head runs into a tree in her panic. That should not be funny, but her kidnappers’ reactions were hysterical, so you laugh.

The concept of naughty indulgence combined with a deep and intense plot would apply beautifully to Erotica too and it’s been done:

Looking for Mr. Goodbar, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Body Double, Nine and a Half Weeks…to name a few.

Elegantly erotic couplings include thrillers, mysteries, dramas, even a combo erotic dark comedy. I would say, Risky Business and The Witches of Eastwick fall into that category. The limits are endless but,

one thing is for certain…experience is necessary for the writer.