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Election Day vs. Mother’s Way

Every year on Election Day, my mother calls to tell me who to vote for and how I should vote on the issues. It's been our little tradition until now.

Mom has always been a person of strong opinions quite different from my own. This is why I refuse to let her invade my most personal spaces, like Facebook. Let's call it self preservation.

The first time I was bold enough state my own opinion was in the birthing room. I knew she would be sick over my choice to naturally deliver my first child, so to save us both from embarrassing arguments in front of the hospital staff, I asked to have her "locked" out.

She never forgave me for it. When child number two came, she refused to come to the hospital until I gave her an invitation. That worked for me.

But I learned something. I could say enough is enough.

Last year's election I refused to tell her who I planned to vote for. Once again, she was livid because I shut her out. Hey, at 45 years old, I needed her to know I could make my own grown up decisions.

Apparently, it worked. No harassing phone calls or emails with links trying to convince me her choice is the best choice for me and my family. Today, there was silence.

I did my part and voted. It's time to call mom.

The fable: Two Step Woman and Old Couch Dog get in Over Their Heads  is dedicated to Mom.