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Bring on the Diamonds and Rust

I had a profound revelation about Blue Jeans.

I was writing about my first loves, a boy and a horse which got me thinking about goodbyes. I can’t do them in real life. Instead, I unconsciously collected them and they became a single character, named Blue Jeans.

He possesses all the traits, quirks, and even looks of everyone I never said goodbye to. I guess that’s why I cried writing the original ending. I suppose that I wanted to finally put all those goodbyes behind me, but I couldn’t do it. Now I have two endings.

I decided that since I’m blogging anyway, why not bring on the diamonds and rust for a little closure. Maybe then I’ll be able to decide whether to revive or say goodbye to Blue Jeans.

Sadly, I'll never get the chance to give many of the folks I left behind the closure they deserved.

Any other unsaid goodbyes out there?

For those who remember: Diamonds and Rust, Joan Baez