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North Delta, B.C., Canada
Happily married.
Apr 2009

Sandra Cottingham, Ph.D. has twenty years ofclassroom experience with regular students and with students with specialneeds. As a consultant in a large British Columbia school district, Dr. Cottingham works with teachers and administrators supporting children withsignificant cognitive, behavioural, and mental health challenges.


Dr. Cottingham has been an instructor in theDepartment of Educational and Counseling Psychology and Special Education atthe University of British Columbia and a guest presenter for Simon FraserUniversity. Her doctoral dissertation entitled, Implementing the Mandate ofInclusion, A Model for Moving from Concept to Actionwas recently published by Tilburg University, Faculty of Social andBehavioural Sciences, in the Netherlands where she received her PhD in 2007.

She is actively involved in action researchinitiatives within special education, and has recently completed an importantnew book. Lead Babies dismantles and reframes previous notions about ourschools’ challenged learners and delinquent behaviour as brain damage caused byinutero neurotoxic exposure, while providing urgently needed research andresources to break the cycle of learning disabilities, ADHD, declining IQ,behaviour and autism. 

Dr. Cottingham is chairperson of the Surrey Community Councilfor CLBC  (Community Living BC) as one small part of her committedpersonal and professional advocacy for people with physical and intellectual disabilities.


David Chilton, ( The Wealthy Barber)

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Breaking the cycle of learning disabilities, declining IQ, ADHD, behavior problems, and autism


Kunati Inc (USA & Canada)
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cello, real estate investing, interior design, photography, drawing and painting, travel, ABA.