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April 7 -- Historical Tapestry: http://historicaltapestry.blogspot.com/ Guest post: "Why I love unhappy endings."

April 10 -- Reading Group Guides: http://www.readinggroupguides.com/content/index.asp Guest post: "How a bookclub changed me as a writer."

April 14 -- Scandalous Woman http://scandalouswoman.blogspot.com/ Review.

April 15 -- Reading the Past: http://readingthepast.blogspot.com/ Guest post: "What to leave in . . . and what to leave out: crafting a story from history."

April 16 -- Marta's Meanderings: http://martasmeanderings.blogspot.com Review, giveaway, guest post: "The ups and downs of historical research."

April 17 -- Travels of the Bookworm: http://travelsofthebookworm.blogspot.com/ Giveaway, guest post: "Viewing history through a kaleidoscope." Hosting the giveaway right now!

April 20 -- Historical Novels: http://historicalnovels.info Q&A

April 21 -- Devourer of Books: http://www.devourerofbooks.com/ Guest post.

April 23 and 24: Peeking Beteen the Pages: http://peekingbetweenthepages.blogspot.com Review and guest post.

April 24 -- Epicrat: http://epicrat.blogspot.com Q&A

April 29 -- Planet Books: http://planetbooks.wordpress.com/ Q&A

April 29 -- Booking Mama: http://bookingmama.blogspot.com/ Review, giveaway and guest post.

May 1 -- The Tome Traveler: http://thetometraveler.blogspot.com Review and giveaway.

May 1 -- Racous Royals: http://blog.racousroyals.com Review and guest post.

May 4 -- Shhh! I'm Reading: http://shhhimreading.blogspot.com/ Review and guest post.

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May 7 -- Enchanted by Josephine: http://enchantedbyjosephine.blogspot.com Review, giveaway and guest post.

May 8 -- Skrisha's Books: http://www.skrishnasbooks.com Review.

May 14 -- Linus' Blanket: http://linussblanket.com Review and giveaway.
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May 20 -- Books Love Jessica Marie: http://bookslovejessicamarie.blogspot.com Review and giveaway