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Spring Equinox Message

Time continues to move at an exponential speed. And we are once again approaching a new change in season. For those who live in the Northern Hemisphere we are welcoming in the wonder and beauty of spring. For those of us who live in the Southern Hemisphere we are moving into the awe and wonder of how nature changes during the powerful time of autumn.

As we are part of nature and its cycles it is time for us to reflect on the changes happening in our own inner garden.

Spend some time in nature and feel how the earth where you live is changing. Now experience how the earth within you is shifting into a new cycle.

Our true health and well-being is a reflection of how we live in harmony with nature. Connecting with nature on a regular basis is such a powerful form of healing.

Give thanks for your life and honor the elements that give you life.

As a radiant global community let us join our hearts together in love as we wish all you a joyous happy spring or fall.

With love and blessings! Sandra


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change of season

 we wish all you a joyous happy spring or fall

Thank you, Sandra. Your words gave me pause.

Love and blessings of the season to you, too.