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The teaching that our words can either bless or curse is thousands of years old. This teaching is part of all spiritual traditions. Through our thoughts and words we can bless ourselves and others. When you begin to embrace the teaching that words can be used as a blessing or a curse it is important to stop and take time to reflect on sayings, phrases, and words that you use throughout the day…. To read more of my blog on “How to Use the Power of Words as Blessings” please visit: http://www,huffingtonpost.com/sandra-ingerman/conscious-communication_b_1209244.html.

The Red Room does such a wonderful job to help authors get their work to a broad audience of readers. I love their website! And I am very grateful for the opportunity they have created for me to continue to publish my blogs on AOL/Huffington Post Media. Thanks you Gina, Huntington, and Ivory!!

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Thanks for the heads up, Katherine.

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