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"How to Deal with Grief" New Article in Huffington Post...

I was watching the news recently and heard an interesting story. There is a movement in the medical profession to label grief as a diagnosis of illness. Prozac, an antidepressant, would be prescribed for people dealing with grief.

Death is not an end, rather it is a new beginning. And the experience of grief is important for our growth and evolution. Grief helps us to develop a deep inner well that we can expand from.

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A Pill for Everything


If we succumb to the view that grief is an illness for which we should take medication, then we might as well as view life itself as an afflicted condition (illness) for which we can take a "happiness" pill/shot that will innoculate us from its various ravages/infections.  Then we can all live each day in perpetual  euphoria and blissfulness, alternately known as an anesthesized  existence or the ultimate numb state of complete unawareness with our faces frozen in an eternal smiling gaze of drug-induced nirvana.

Thank you, but NO THANK YOU!  Call me a glutton for sensations and feelings, but  I'd rather experience a full range of emotions in a real life, wouldn't you? 


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Such a Journey

Dear Sandra,

Thank you for your insight. Yes, grief is a new beginning. We just have to be tenacious in going through its long, maze-like process.

I agree with you that Red Room does its upmost to support writers. I am new here and have been given a hearty welcome.

Warm regards,